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Become Known in Your Community with a Neighborhood Podcast
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"Going Beyond Referrals"

Learn the 5 Ways a Neighborhood Podcast Can Grow Your Business 

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Be known in the Community

Podcasts give you a great opportunity for YOU to connect YOUR neighborhood and be a face for the community.  This will allow your neighbors to know, like, and trust you on a consistent basis.

“Being on a podcast for a targeted audience goes beyond any normal marketing tactics.  You become a local celebrity."

Danielle Walton - Adept Marketing 


Create Awareness

Podcasts help you create awareness for your business and your local area.

"In my first meeting with a customer, they told me they heard about me from the podcast.  They immediately felt like they knew me and trusted me."


Michelle Merkel, - Merkel Financial



Generate Additional Revenue

Podcasts not only give you a great opportunity for your customers to really know who you are but they give you opportunities to get sponsorship revenue.


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"Going Beyond Referrals"

Learn the 5 Ways a Neighborhood Podcast Can Grow Your Business