5 Tips For a Successful Neighborhood Podcast

You’ve made one of the best decisions of your life: to grow your local business with your very own neighborhood podcast. Congratulations! But now what? Don’t worry, the Shoop Media team has all of the tools you’ll need to ensure your success, but these key components are the root of the success. These 5 tips for a successful neighborhood podcast are sure to get you brainstorming and a few steps ahead in the planning stage before you start your modules with Shoop Media.

  1. Consistency. Your audience will be expecting to hear from you and likely sitting on the edge of their seat for the release of your next neighborhood podcast episode so do not disappoint! Choose the day of the week you’ll be broadcasting new episodes and stick to it. Plan a promotion around your weekly launch to remind your audience it’s time to tune in! Our top picks: email and social media.
  2. Variety. Mix it up! What’s going on in the world, the country, your state, your county, your city? What’s the local real estate market like? Who’s the new chiropractor in town? What’s the buzz all about with the small Italian restaurant on the corner? Talk about the difficult things, bring in humor another week, tie in educational the next. The list could on forever! Check out some ideas from this long-running, Scottsdale, AZ neighborhood podcast.
  3. It’s Not All About You. We all know someone who loves to talk about themselves and we also know it can get pretty exhausting. You may be the host of your neighborhood podcast, but the purpose of it is for your audience. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk about yourself or promote your own business, just refer back to Variety above.
  4. Creativity. Dig deep and then dig deeper. Think of what draws you into that weekly prime-time series or that great book. What brings you back? How can you tackle a serious topic such as mental health awareness and make it resonate best with your community? How can you not only get the conversation started but keep people talking about it for weeks ahead?
  5. Authenticity. Being yourself is the best way for your audience to get to know the real you, trust you, and to keep tuning in. For your local business, a neighborhood podcast goes way beyond referrals. Your potential new customers or clients will already feel like they know you before they become those customers or clients. There is nothing more valuable than that to local businesses.

Neighborhood podcasts are the best way for you to connect with your neighborhood and be the face of your community. They create valuable awareness for your business and local area and generate additional revenue. What are you waiting for? Start your neighborhood podcast today! 


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