Realtor Marketing: The Most Effective and Affordable Method

Let’s face it, if you’re a Realtor, the competition is fierce. With so many ways to market yourself online and offline, how do you choose the best, most effective marketing techniques to really set yourself apart from all your competitors? It’s also not breaking news that marketing can be very expensive. Especially if you are running your business independently, choosing the most affordable and effective marketing can be challenging.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular methods for real estate marketing:

  1. Social Media. From Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest and beyond, social media is a popular choice for a lot of Realtors and can be done on your own at no cost to you, but the time investment can be daunting. The thought may run through your mind several times a week to grab those new photos or to post to Instagram or to go live on Facebook, but you’re busy and these tasks tend to fall of the radar all too frequently. 
  2. Website. If you’re running solo, it’s likely a website isn’t in your budget, let alone the time factors for writing fresh content, updating your listings, or contributing to your blog on a regular basis. And then the cost and time to promote the website via SEO or paid advertising, for example, is again, challenging.
  3. Email Marketing. While this method is still highly effective, it has to be done right and it needs to be consistent. You’ll need to first build your email list and segment it and maintain it. You can create lead nurturing campaigns, but you’ll need dedicated landing pages to house your stellar “pick me” message and the lead form. Again, costly and time-consuming.

While these may only be a few examples of the hundreds of options when marketing your real estate business, they are still methods up against a heavy volume of competition. Do any of these or most tactics really help you to build relationships with your potential clients? Do they spotlight the real you and why home buyers and sellers should choose to work with you? Do they offer a level of local expertise or an opportunity to have your name known in your community? The answer is maybe, but not likely or without a very substantial monetary investment. 


So what can you do in your local area that is very effective and very affordable? Your very own neighborhood podcast! That’s right. You can speak directly to your audience every week. You can talk about the current real estate trends, invite other local business owners as guests, discuss what’s hot or what’s not in your neighborhood and the list goes on and on. Other Realtors are finding great success with their own neighborhood podcasts such as Shawn Shackelton:

"I have been part of the McDowell Mountain Ranch Podcast since the beginning. My whole goal was connecting with the community, which I love. That's what the vision is behind the podcast."

Shawn Shackelton

The Shackelton Group Platinum Living Realty

Be the reason your community connects. Provide an outlet for positivity. Market your real estate business. Market yourself. Learn more about starting your own neighborhood podcast here. 



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