Top Marketing Trends For 2021

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The rise of personal storytelling represents a seismic shift in the way we consume media and connect to it. We now crave stories with meaning and search for voices we can trust. 


When Planning Your 2021 Marketing Strategy Advertisers Should Focus On:



With growing distrust in the national media, many consumers are looking to local sources to stay informed on issues that impact their community directly.


Millennials are ditching newspapers and magazines and embracing new media platforms connected through their smartphone. Instead of turning to TV news for information, they're streaming podcasts and checking what's trending on Twitter.


Compared to traditional channels, podcasting creates a welcoming environment free of ad clutter. With less competition, your message will truly stand out. Listeners will be more likely to recall your message and take action.

SHOOP MEDIA creates professional neighborhood podcasts focusing on local issues, news, and events. Hosted by local residents, our podcasts offer advertisers the unique opportunity to become a trusted community partner and friend. 

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