The Beauty of a Neighborhood Podcast

What connects our communities? Who brings our neighborhoods together? Leaders?  Local business owners? Local celebrities? Socialites? 

There are many ways to be “a part” of your community, socially speaking, but there are those whose schedules may not allow and then there are times like the present with the pandemic when being social is limited, fearful, or even non-existent.

What if you could still get to know those in your neighborhood and keep in touch? If you could keep up on the latest local and national topics on a local level and even promote your business or provide entertainment from the comfort of your home?

Shoop Media provides the first-ever community of neighborhood podcasts. If you’re looking to listen, check back frequently to see if there’s a neighborhood podcast in your community. If you’re looking to start your own podcast, we have all the tools in place to ensure your success. We provide all the tools, resources, and a network of others that share our community values. 

Connect your community by:

  • Providing news & an entertainment option focusing only on your neighborhood
  • Giving your neighbors an outlet to get to know one another
  • Having real conversations about the things that matter

These are just a few of the general benefits of neighborhood podcasts which increase significantly for local business owners or realtors. Your community has one specific outlet to really get to know YOU. It’s a game-changer for business growth. Imagine the possibilities. 

If you’re looking for a fulfilling opportunity to connect your community, learn more about starting your own neighborhood podcast today or schedule a 1-on-1 consultation here. Don’t miss your chance to claim your neighborhood before someone else does!


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